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Thu Feb 22 06:35:57 EST 2007

I'm having problems downloading from the link you supplied...

On 21 Feb 2007, at 19:46, Roger.E.Eller at wrote:

> Chip Walters wrote:
>> With the new
>> Coherence option, you can actually use both Mac and PC simultaneously,
>> as their application windows can share the same desktop.
> Actually, they just make the Win desktop transparent. Try layering Win  
> and
> Mac application windows and you will see that you can't stack them like
> MacApp, WinApp, MacApp, etc.
>> If you want to share files between Mac and PC for both Bootcamp and
>> Parallels options, be sure and choose FAT32 mode as the format for
>> your PC partition.
So will this allow copying FROM Windows to the Mac partition?
Or is this why NTFS/FUSE is required?
> Windows XP works best on an NTFS partition, and without the file size
> limit of less than 2GB. You can still share your Mac files to the PC,  
> but
> the NTFS BootCamp partition is read-only by default. Now, if you want  
> to
> remove this restriction, simply
a little convoluted if the instructions are to be followed
> install MacFuse and the NTFS-3G
> filesystem. This will make NTFS Read/Writable by OS X. Simply install  
> both
> of these and reboot. done.
>    <---- Latest download 0.2.1.dmg
FUSE downloaded OK.
> r4.dmg
Tried this link to NTFS which is broken. Posted a message on their  
forum. Also emailed them directly.
Is there any other link that can be sourced?

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