Rev and version control systems

Marielle Lange mlange at
Wed Feb 21 18:21:05 EST 2007

On 21 Feb 2007, at 19:35, Ben Rubinstein wrote:

> Has anyone got experience of using Revolution with general version  
> control systems (eg CVS, Subversion)?
> Obviously stacks can be submitted as binary files, but I was  
> wondering whether anyone has gone beyond this.

Hi Ben,

What I do is store all my scripts within groups rather than at card  
or stack level. Because of this, I can easily create a system for  
managing my libraries, by which the "library group" is created on the  
fly, using a text file stored locally. I have version control on the  
text versions of the files.

If you wonder what I mean by "library", have a look at:

I have more than 60 of them ;-).


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