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Wed Feb 21 14:46:55 EST 2007

Chip Walters wrote:
> With the new
> Coherence option, you can actually use both Mac and PC simultaneously,
> as their application windows can share the same desktop.

Actually, they just make the Win desktop transparent. Try layering Win and 
Mac application windows and you will see that you can't stack them like 
MacApp, WinApp, MacApp, etc.

> If you want to share files between Mac and PC for both Bootcamp and
> Parallels options, be sure and choose FAT32 mode as the format for
> your PC partition.

Windows XP works best on an NTFS partition, and without the file size 
limit of less than 2GB. You can still share your Mac files to the PC, but 
the NTFS BootCamp partition is read-only by default. Now, if you want to 
remove this restriction, simply install MacFuse and the NTFS-3G 
filesystem. This will make NTFS Read/Writable by OS X. Simply install both 
of these and reboot. done.    <---- Latest download 0.2.1.dmg

Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

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