Advantages to using .rev on Mac OSX?

Scott Rossi scott at
Wed Feb 21 14:13:49 EST 2007

Recently, LunchnMeets at wrote:

> Since I¹m on Mac OSX the use of the .rev stack name suffix is optional. If I
> never plan to create a standalone and I never plan to use another platform, is
> there any advantage to using the suffix. I haven¹t used it up to now and I
> haven¹t had any problems.

If the above works for you, you're probably fine, however, you should note
that OSX doesn't behave the same as older versions of MacOS.  Many file
types *require* the use of a correct suffix, or they will not be recognized
by apps that created them.  This happens even with Rev, to a degree.  Over
here, if I ZIP a Rev stack with no suffix in the file name and then UNZIP
the file somewhere else, the UNZIPped file loses its association with Rev
and cannot double-click-launch or drag-launch; once ".rev" is added, the
file launches normally.  Of course, it's still possible to open the file
from within Rev itself, but in the long run, I believe you'll be better off
making sure your suffixes are intact.

On a related note, if you're distributing your Rev files and want to hide
references to Revolution, you can suffix your files using ".dat", ".txt", or
even ".gif" -- almost any suffix can be used since Rev is smart enough to
open the file.


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