Old bug still in Rev 2.8 OSX Chapter 4

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Wed Feb 21 11:33:36 EST 2007


Thanks for your input, but my problem is still there. If I double click a
stack in the finder to open it with Revolution not open already, the stack 
not see any of the following handlers: on openStack, on openCard, on 
on preOpenStack or on preOpenCard. I guess the problem is that I never plan 
leave the IDE and I never plan to use my creations on anything besides

As others have explained previously, the "startup" message is designed 
specifically for standalones and is not sent to stacks running under the IDE 
no matter how they are launched. This is behaving exactly as documented.

I have made a sample stack to test your assertion:


It properly triggers the preOpenStack, openStack, preOpenCard and openCard 
handlers whether opened from within Rev or double-clicking the stack from 
the Mac OS X Finder.

MacBook Core2Duo 2GHz, Mac OS X 10.4.8, Revolution 2.8 Build 350.

- Bill 

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