Singing praise...for Galaxy 1.5...

Andrew Meit meitnik at
Tue Feb 20 22:29:05 EST 2007

Wow...and wow...

	For all the money I spent paying for updates over the years for IDE  
bug fixes...I wish I could have sent to Galaxy! Rev, dump your IDE  
and stick to engine fixes and long requested bread/butter features  
and leave the IDE to outside folks who really have the time and  
talent to do it right. I didn't want a video game to get my work  
done, just done.
	I am sorry, however, I don't have the funds to buy 1.5. Anyone  
willing to hire me to for a short project for a 100.00 to help pay  
for Galaxy? I live on very limited income due to disabilities. I want  
Galaxy to be around a long I an create -- effectively--a  
long time too ;-)
Oh I am aware there is room for much improvements yet (I need more  
mouse support than typing), but I rather start with Galaxy than the  
Rev IDE.

Shalom, Andrew
{Choose Life, Create Hope, Nurture Love...}

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