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Bill Marriott wjm at
Mon Feb 19 22:32:51 EST 2007

I am a MacBook and Parallels owner.

The latest version of Parallels is spectacular. It has two key features 
which I simply love:

1) Ability to re-use your Boot Camp partition from within Windows as a 
"virtual" drive.

2) Coherence -- the ability to run Windows applications without the Windows 

The reason why Boot Camp alone isn't enough is that you have to reboot. I 
also thought that I would "make do" with Boot Camp. But I found that the 
second I was in Windows, I'd want to do something quickly on the Mac side, 
and vice-versa. With Parallels, I have the ability to stay in Mac OS X and 
drop into Windows whenever I like.

Another handy feature is that I choose to use NTFS for my Windows volume. 
Mac OS X cannot write to NTFS. But with Parallels, I can exchange files 
between Mac and Windows more easily.

A Mac with both Boot Camp and Parallels is the best of both worlds.

As for the original question. Rev 2.8 works very well in both the 
virtualized and the native environments.

"Marian Petrides" <mpetrides at> wrote 
in message news:2256128D-A7ED-45E1-AB47-058DC8384F5B at
> Mark
> If you're going to fork over $$ to get Windows, why run it in  Parallels. 
> Why not just use Boot Camp?  My thinking is that I'd like  to have a full 
> Windows install identical (except for Mac drivers) to  what my customers 
> will be using, rather than testing in a virtualized  environment.
> But that's just my 2 cents worth.
> Marian
> On Feb 19, 2007, at 7:52 PM, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
>> Mark, I'm about to do the same and am looking at "Cross Over Mac" at:
>> < 
>> ad=22&gclid=CKu7o5OJuIoCFTQkGAodpHTCug>
>> It appears that it's still quite THERE, but I like the idea of not 
>> having to have Windows.
>> Joe Wilkins
>> On Feb 19, 2007, at 5:44 PM, Mark Swindell wrote:
>>> I'm about to bite on an Intel MacBook, I think.  Anybody using 
>>> Parallels with Rev?  Comments?  Suggestions?
>>> Thanks
>>> Mark

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