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Marielle Lange mlange at
Sat Feb 17 16:28:36 EST 2007

>> Marielle has been trying to the compilation for quite awhile, but  
>> some of
>> the issues are that it takes a lot of work to get things  
>> collected, edited
>> for clarity and instruction purposes, then indexed so new users  
>> can find
>> them.

Thanks for the mention, Jim. Various things.

> Maybe you should give building a compilation a shot from a new user
> perspective?

(1) That's what I tried to do in my first approach to compiling  
useful resources. I put a list of all the resources i know about here:

In particular, to answer Jo's question, a list of tutorials of  
particular relevance to beginner users:

I pasted some more links useful to the beginner scripter on the forum  
"Getting Started with Revolution Studio or Enterprise":

>  One issue is that advanced work is complicated and requires  
> experience, but
> what constitutes advanced work/concepts  that new users are not  
> ready for?

(2) This is a question difficult to answer. I gave it a try with my  
second approach. I created a collection of snippet and codes that I  
tried to tag for different categories. One of these categories was "1  
novice coder 2 beginner coder 3 intermediate coder 4 advanced coder 5  
expert coder". However I find it difficult to apply these tags and  
not all snippets are tagged for that category.

The problem with the codes CMS is that it takes an awful lot of time  
to cut and paste snippets from the list to the CMS.

(3) The new approach is to create a system by which I can run  
linguistic analyses of the content of all mailing lists and forums  
and then tag each node for critical words contained into that email  
as well as additional nodes like the categories above. I got a first  
draft of this work which gave me satisfaction. But I will need up to  
two weeks of work to get something members of the community can use.  
There is then problem that I am a freelance. Giving to the community  
has to come after earning a living. I do that when at periods between  
freelance work. I didn't have much of these for the last months. I  
can't tell you when I will have time to finish this.

Marielle Lange (PhD),
Bite-size Applications for Education

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