An effective way to Localize my Revolution Projects for Multiple Languages

Klaus Major klaus at
Fri Feb 16 14:01:14 EST 2007

Hi Richard,

> ...
> And of course it pays to have a native speaker do the actual  
> translation, esp. one who is also expert in the domain the  
> application supports.  On our project this for that was easy, since  
> one of the company owners is an Australian doctor.  But the last  
> thing you want to do is come up with unclear or misleading quasi- 
> translations, or even embarrassing ones like when Chevrolet rolled  
> out a car for Spanish-speaking markets named "Nova". :)

LOL! :-)

The best "faux-pas" ever made in my opinion was a scandinavian vacuum  
cleaner company
that wanted to conquer the american market with this great slogan:

Drum Roll!
Nothing sucks like the ELECTROLUX!


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