An effective way to Localize my Revolution Projects for Multiple Languages

Derek Bump list at
Fri Feb 16 13:20:41 EST 2007

Now before I start down my typical path of re-inventing the wheel, I 
felt I should ask this question of the list, just to see if anyone has 
found an effective way of working with Localized (multiple-language) 

I have never done any work with creating localized projects.  I know 
that I will end up mutilating the native languages via the Google 
Translator, but I figure that a 90% translated program is better than a 
program that isn't used because it's not in a person's main language.

- Property profiles are nice, but it means that I have to store all of 
the language data for each object within a profile, making it harder to 
make changes to the text.

- Placing all text in a file, and then just translating the file to 
multiple languages when building the standalone would be preferred, but 
that would require some massive scripting to populate button and field 
labels, etc.

- Also, I have to roll my own dialogs that don't return the name of what 
button was pushed, but instead a number, as the number doesn't need to 
be translated. (Ex:  0=Cancel,1=OK)

Any ideas? ... Please!

Derek Bump
Dreamscape Software

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