let me know of nice professional stack you have produced

Marielle Lange mlange at widged.com
Thu Feb 15 09:48:11 EST 2007

> Btw, I just checked out your website. There is some nice stuff there.
> I like this one in particular:
> <http://www.major-k.de/refsfd1e.html>
> If you were kind enough to write a short description (no more than  
> 3 paragraphs) for each one of your application developed with  
> revolution/metacard, I will then add it to the gallery of  
> professional apps at:
> <http://revolution.widged.com/stacks/case_studies.php>
> This goes for other users as well. If you have done some nice work  
> with runrev, write a short description send me the description and  
> a screenshot, and I will add it there. But be warned this won't  
> make it to this page before next week.

Really, please do this (not just Klaus, others as well).

My website was recently mentioned in the free software magazine:
Which means that I get a lot of traffic these days.

And there is more stuff coming that may get to give even more  
visibility to my websites in the not too far future. So if you want  
to help and give a good image of revolution, please forward  
information about the good stuff you do.


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