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Marielle Lange mlange at
Tue Feb 13 16:36:09 EST 2007

> due to a series of unfortunate incidents outwith my control

I gave you a chance, three times. Two or three years ago, you were  
banned from the list. Everybody applauded. I was the one to intercede  
for you off list and get you back in. You were flooding the list with  
rants on the fact that Revolution should be free. I paid you a  
license to stop you from doing that. I hosted your files for free on  
my webserver.

Things happened that were perfectly under you control. I would be  
more than happy to offer you another chance. But you have to be aware  
that you are the one with complete control on how well we get along.  
If you have the deliberate choice to write things that have a high  
chance to rub me the wrong way, well, accept that I don't feel like  
hugging you.

Look, I have nothing against you. I read your master thesis. I liked  
it. Plenty of good stuff in it. I commented positively on it. I gave  
visibility to your work both on my wiki and in the stack gallery. You  
have a neat creative talent. You can do good stuff. But for some  
reason, you tend to prefer to screw nice opportunities given to you.  
I regret that. I regret it because I believe you have a lot to give  
to any community (and I already expressed that to you).

You have to work on trying to avoid to trigger the negative and try  
to cause the positive. Nobody can help you do this. You have to take  
the decision to do that yourself.


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