Is libURL required for a "get url..." statement?

Andre Garzia soapdog at
Tue Feb 13 06:37:32 EST 2007


I do think URL is from libURL or dependant on it. If you're on MacOS  
X, then you can wrap this call in curl or wget, that's how I do for  

On Feb 13, 2007, at 12:28 AM, Derek Bump wrote:

> I know that you cannot use commands associated with any Rev Library  
> until after the startup handler has finished, but is the following  
> command part of the libURL library?
>   get url ""
> The reason I ask is because it seems to me that it would not be,  
> but is instead built into the engine.  As such, can anyone tell me  
> why it won't work during a startup handler, or a handler that is  
> called from the startup handler?
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