Adding a scrolling field to a stack of cards

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Tue Feb 13 00:16:57 EST 2007

Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> Thank you Sarah. Not as easy as backgrounds  in HC, but I can see it is 
> more flexible. It was the "Place Group" that made it a puzzle. So the 
> steps are:
> 1.  Create an object
> 2.  With that object selected, choose "Group" from the menu or ToolBar
> 3.  Open the object's Property Inspector
> 4.  Check the "Behave as Background" checkbox or set the 
> backgroundBehavior to true
> 5.  Go to each card and choose "Place Group" from the Object Menu
> OR, with a large number of cards, write a script to accomplish the above 
> actions.

Right. This is a better way than pasting the field on each card, because 
when you paste, you get multiple copies of the field. That makes it hard 
to edit and uses more space and memory. Placing a 1-field group shares 
it among cards, and allows you to edit once and have your changes 
automatically reflected everywhere.

Note that you don't necessarily have to check "background behavior", 
it's optional. You can still place and share a group on several cards 
without that, though behavior changes a little when you do.

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