Externals Under 2.7.x

Mark Wieder mwieder at ahsoftware.net
Sun Feb 11 13:52:06 EST 2007


Saturday, February 10, 2007, 10:24:07 AM, you wrote:

> variable.  For example, if you do this:

> on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
>      put revXMLNodeContents(theNonExistentXMLTreeID,"no node") into
> theContent
>      put it & cr & theContent
> end mouseUp

Actually, that's not valid syntax. You'll get a compiler error if you
turn on explicitVars. There's no "it" variable at the time you try to
display it because you've explicitly put the value into theContent.
Try this instead:

on mouseUp pMouseBtnNo
   local theNonExistentXMLTreeID

   get revXMLNodeContents(theNonExistentXMLTreeID, "no node")
   put it & cr & the result
end mouseUp

> Whereas with your interesting trick it would be empty I believe.

It's not a trick I made up - it's just the way things work.

-Mark Wieder
 mwieder at ahsoftware.net

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