Copying Objects between different version of RunRev

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Feb 9 11:45:49 EST 2007

Dave wrote:
> The reason I want to do this is becasue won't open the Stack, 
> but has no problem! I thought that I might be able to 
> re-create the stack in and then copy the objects over 
> one-by-one. No such luck tho!!! I can't see that the stack file format 
> change would make it impossible to copy objects over! Especially since I 
> am moving from 2.6.6 to 2.7.x and I have the Legacy Stack format set. I 
> could understand it slightly if it were being copy from 2.7.x to 2.6.6.

It's not the stackfileformat. It's that Rev doesn't put copies of its 
own internal objects into the system clipboard. Since Rev objects are 
not usable by any other application, it doesn't even try to share them.
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