Crashing Error on RunRev

Dave dave at
Fri Feb 9 08:40:20 EST 2007


I have a stack file that crashes RunRev every time I try  
to open it. It's the same Stack File that I am trying to get to  
access the External Command as per my posting "Externals Under  
2.7.x". Any ideas on how to make this work again?

Some related questions:

1.  Is worth using? I am running on a Mac only at present.  
I've had no end of problems using versions prior to, but I  
was told (perhaps incorrectly) that was "a lot better". Now  
I'm not so sure.

2.  I am trying to make it Access an External Command on Intel Mac's  
only. Is this feasible under

3.  Can I access an Mac/Intel External Command using version

Thanks in Advance
All the Best

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