Rev scripting preferences

Viktoras Didziulis viktoras at
Fri Feb 9 06:15:06 EST 2007

my own revolution experience says NEVER EVER call a handler or function from
within loop if you need speed. Several times I had to write a small app for
binary raster data processing (from tens of thousands to millions of cycles)
and provide a feedback on progress in form of a progress bar. So I wrote a
tiny script for the progress bar within the processing handler. It took
about 3 seconds for it to execute, then naturally I realized that it is
needed by other raster processing handlers, so I moved progress bar handler
outside so it could be called by the other processing handlers. Speed loss
was terrible - it took ~10 seconds to process same amount of data... 
I had to move that script back and copy/paste into each and every handler to
save on speed. 

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