Futuristic Interface

Alex Shaw alex at harryscollar.com
Thu Feb 8 11:05:58 EST 2007

True, the hardware ultimately is subject to the software (hardware 
people would probably argue the opposite) & the demonstrated interface 
really seems to map to current input devices, eg just with hand/finger 
pressured gestures instead of using a mouse.

I had my first play with MS vista today & it was nice and all but except 
for the visual candy what was ultimately new with the interface?

There are many interesting things with this (touch screen/hardware) 
technology espeicially in the mobile phone industry (ie. iphone) but I 
like the intuitive nature of what is currently being developed. Almost 
physically touching the raw data. Heavily processed of course.

I would say that any current software would be able to be controlled by 
this new kind of hardware input device. The presenter demonstrates a 
browser & a few other things that suggest backward compatibility but 
programs would obviously gain from a bit of recoding to interpret more 
specialised gestures.


jbv wrote:
> Alex,
>> Now when will rev be able to do this? :)
> actually, nothing hinders you from developping externals to
> achieve a similar result...
> JB

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