Creating Audio Clips

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Wed Feb 7 23:40:01 EST 2007

Check out Felt Tip's Sound Studio. Wonderful.

well worth the $79.

>Hi Everyone,
>I've a program in which, rather than have the computer voices 
>reading some text, I'd like to have real voices called that would 
>speak the text. Presumably, I need to provide audio clips that I can 
>call to do this. Any idea how to create them?
>I have an old application called SoundEdit that I believe will do 
>the job, but it is probably not OSX compatible and I'd have to 
>resurrect one of my older Macs to use it. Any Rev compatible tool I 
>can use on OSX to do the same thing?
>Joe Wilkins


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