CGI's - can they return quick and then continue doing something?

jbv jbv.silences at
Tue Feb 6 09:47:25 EST 2007


> I have not had to do this before - or rather I tired once and failed -
> but thought I"d ask before trying again... essentially can a CGI
> return an OK to the Rev client and continue with the execution of the
> script? This would avoid the Rev client locking up waiting for the cgi
> to return.

in theory, this is feasable. But I've experienced strange behaviours with
browser clients (especially IE6 on XP) that sometimes seems to wait for
the cgi to "really" end before refreshing the web page content, although
it was obvious that the client had received the OK from the cgi a couple
of seconds before...
I must confess I never really understood why... it seems however that
this behaviour occured when the cgi AND the web page content (HTML
+ js) were especially complex (more than 1000 lines on both sides).

Finally I got used to fine tune my cgi scripts so that any task completes
within 1 or 2 sec, so that the OK can be returned to the client when the cgi
task is really completed... I haven't made any test with a Rev standalone
as client though... Things might be different...


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