Unicode Question

David Bovill david at openpartnership.net
Sun Feb 4 14:26:22 EST 2007

Well inside Rev - I "think" that most users would like to use the htmlText.

>From my point of view i would like to be able to do the following:

   set the text of fld "Title" to the id3_Title of player 1
   set the htmltext of fld "Title" to the id3_Title ["htmlText"] of player
1  -- (could have "id3_HtmlTitle" as well)
   set the unicodeText of fld "Title" to the id3_Title ["unicode"] of player

And query the player like:

   put the id3_TextFormats of player 1 into availableFormats
   put the id3_TitleArray of player 1 into titleArray
   if "unicode" is among the items of availableFormats then set the
unicodeText of fld 1 to titleArray ["unicode"]

But in general i don't see why you would need to do anything other than one
of the first three (I'd use the . The library would just give you the format
if it were available and if not give you the text which would work fine. The
library would just need to uniencode the plain text - ie set the unicodetext
of fld 1 to uniencode("Test") works fine.

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