Unicode Question

Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Sun Feb 4 14:18:28 EST 2007

Mark, this seems like a good idea. Would I be right in thinking that  
to translate a string from UTF16 to UTF8 I would do this:

put unidecode(someUTF16String,"UTF8") into tUTF8String ?



On 4 Feb 2007, at 18:23, Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> May I suggest that you translate all strings into and deliver all  
> strings as ut8? This would avoid any confusion on the user's side.
> Best,
> Mark
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> Op 4-feb-2007, om 18:22 heeft Mark Smith het volgende geschreven:
>> That's the point - I don't want the user to have to guess. The  
>> library 'knows', because the encoding information is in the id3  
>> tag it's just read, what I'm wondering about is simplest wasy to  
>> let the user of the library know.
>> So if the 'client' app asks the library for the title of a file,  
>> the library needs to let the client know that it's "Abbey Road",  
>> as unicode or plain text, depending on how the original tag was  
>> encoded, so the client can display it properly.
>> I guess what I'm asking is what most developers would prefer to be  
>> returned when using the library.

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