OT: Quicktime Streaming Server on LInux

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Sat Feb 3 10:55:12 EST 2007

Great news you guys don't have to pay for your Dreamhost account as a 

>Stephan did you get your 4-5 megabyte movies to appear?

Yes, by checking for existence of the movie first in a folder in 
'Documents' then downloading the video before viewing if it's not 
there. My app uses hierarchical menus to list available movies on a 
remote server in different folders that represent the hierarchy. When 
the file list from the server is updated for the menus it also checks 
for any movies not on the server anymore and deletes them. This works 
amazingly well.

The movies I created in something called iShowU use the Apple 
Animation codec, 15 FPS,  compressed and hinted for streaming. These 
are 'screen movies', to show how an application works. These did not 
take well to streaming as they would not 'fill in the blocks' on big 
scene changes (like a window appearing) and it looked pretty ugly. 
Probably had something to do with keyframes. Also they had to have 
the extra step of 'flattening'. Turned out to be a much bigger hassle 
(for me) than the method I described above, which probably won't work 
for you.

This is good for my application where I need simple help videos. But 
for the most part I'm not showing 'reality' video, just screen movies 
- they're steady and clean and compress well..

stephen barncard
s a n  f r a n c i s c o
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