Rotate Graphic Image Smoothly?

Scott Rossi scott at
Thu Feb 1 21:45:54 EST 2007

Recently, harrison at wrote:

> Is there a way to SMOOTHLY rotate a graphical image
> around it's center point in Rev?
> If so, then how could I make this image do this on
> the web?  Do I need to create it as an animated .gif
> file, or is there a better way?

If you're going to continually rotate an image, the way to do this is to set
the angle of the image, which keeps the image's data intact.  Note that the
results are poor with regard to any transparency in the image (such as
antialiasing of the edges and internal transparency).  I believe the
alphaData of the image is mapped down to 1 bit which causes jagged aliasing
to display wherever there is transparency.

If you can use with non-transparent images in your project, one way you
might be able to work around the edge problem is to have an opaque image
with lots of white space around it, so that any aliasing of the edges is not
visible simply by virtue of being off screen.

Let me know if this doesn't make sense.


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