Major apps developed with Revolution? (on Mac OS X)

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Mark Schonewille wrote:

> Yet, the question is not whether the Revolution environment can make
> successful software. It all depends on what you do with it. I can't
> think of an application that cannot be made with Revolution, as long as
> it doesn't rely too heavily on (3D) graphics.


Thanks to you, Klaus, and Stephen for the extensive references. Some
very nice applications there! And they look Aqua-native; I would never
have pegged them as being developed in an environment other than Xcode.

My own background is in Tcl/Tk. I've developed three shareware apps,
with a good deal of functionality, for the Mac, with this toolkit. But
my development environment is out of the stone age: Emacs + Terminal.
There are no IDE's for Tcl/Tk as good as Xcode or Revolution, at least
of the ones I've tried; they're not widely used by Tcl developers. So I
hand code all my GUI's and everything else. Plus, Tcl/Tk has a few
glaring omissions on the Mac--no real drag-and-drop support; printing is
difficult to configure; and so on. Finally,  hand-coding everything is
just *slow*, even though I have a lot of library code and can
cut-and-paste stuff to get my GUI's started.

So I'm looking at Revolution. I'm familiar with AppleScript, and
Revolution looks similar enough that I don't feel out-of-place (as
opposed to REALBasic, which feels strange to me); plus it seems to have
a lot more power than AS, closer to Tcl or Python in what it can do.
(AppleScript Studio is great for simple stuff, but AppleScript just
isn't robust enough for most things.)

Thanks again,

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