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Hi Stephen, 

>> P.S. (sorry for kind of advertise, which I consider as information):
> yes, I need to know this.
> Ruslan, I've gone a long way into my project. I have questions:
> 1. Does Valentina run the main MySQL syntax as is, or is it very different.

Valentina 2 supports STRICTLY SQL92 (we have use papers of ANSI)

    + we add some useful SQL extensions that can be found in mySQL
        and other dbs. For example CREATE TABLE IF EXISTS
    + we have own unique Valentina extensions of SQL

So answer yes, if you have write SQL which follow SQL92 then it should be

    The only feature of Relational model that we have not implement
    so far -- ability to make Primary and Foreign Key on few fields.
    Because I am sure this is bad idea do such keys in db structure.
    We will add this soon. Just to be more compatible.

Valentina have like mySQL a rich set of functions, so here also all right.

> 2. Is there a tool like CocoaMySQL (macintosh) to administer the
> Valentina Database?

Valentina Studio.

> 3. You quoted a developer price for Valentina - $199 - is that for
> one seat, deployed on any number of applications?

$199 - this is for ADK like Valentina for Revolution. Single Platform.
        yes this is for developer seat.
        this not include server.

For Application developers that want distribute server we have
    VDN - Valentina Developer Network.

Our license is very simple and flexible. :-)

Flexibility and many options sometimes confuse people.
Our license is made to satisfy even such $30 - app - developers.

VDN price $599
You pay this ONCE, and you get

* Valentina Embedded Server - 5 connection. Royalty free

    - so you can sale even millions copies of your app with vserver
    - you can develop any number of applications.
    - you get during 2 or 4 years free updates of all new versions.

* Valentina for Revolution itself. As separate product its price $299.
* You get Valentina Office Server - 5 connections for MAC and for WIN.
    for no-resale and use in your home/office on 2 computers (mac+win)

    As separate product Valentina Office Server/5 has price $300.
    So this is value $300 + $300 = $600

* also you get Valentina Studio ($60) GUI tool to manage database as locally
so remotely. 

* also you get batch of 10 connections for resale ($200).

Total: for $600 VDN you get :

    Valentina for Revolution         300
    Vserver Office win/5             300
    Vserver Office win/5             300
    Valentina Studio                  60
    10 connection                    200
    + Valentina Embedded Server - royalty free - how to estimate price? ;-)
    + 2-4 years free upgrade
    + FREE support
    + you can use with VServer Office or Vserver Embedded
        ANY other Valentina Client for FREE
            Valentina for RB, Director, PHP,
                  .NET, C/C++, Cocoa, COM, VB, Delphi,...

> 4. The cost of the Valentina server - per user?

    * ZERO if you use royalty free Embedded Server with
        5 simultaneous connections.

    * any additional connection can be as low as $1-20
        depending on option you choose.

For more details please read our site, also many info about this present in
in our WIKI. IT is hard gove many info in single letter :-)

About engine (in short):

Best regards,

Ruslan Zasukhin
VP Engineering and New Technology
Paradigma Software, Inc

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