Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

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Fri Sep 29 19:35:44 EDT 2006

>P.S. (sorry for kind of advertise, which I consider as information):

yes, I need to know this.

Ruslan, I've gone a long way into my project. I have questions:

1. Does Valentina run the main MySQL syntax as is, or is it very different.
2. Is there a tool like CocoaMySQL (macintosh) to administer the 
Valentina Database?

3. You quoted a developer price for Valentina - $199 - is that for 
one seat, deployed on any number of applications?

4. The cost of the Valentina server - per user?


>Valentina have quite REVERSE nature of license for Valentina Embedded Server
>that was designed specially for Application Developers.
>Note, all Revolution, REALbasic, Director, VisualBASIC, Delphi, C#, C/C++
>developers are who? Right. We all are Application developers. We all get as
>result of our job some .EXE.
>Best regards,
>Ruslan Zasukhin

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