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>> I'm not sure if I have this right.
>> Rev includes some MySQL drivers with the package. But we can't
>> distribute an application built using those drivers without some kind
>> of license with MySQL inc.?
>> is that right?
> Sort of... you can't distribute a non-GPLed application without a license
> from MySQL. This generally covers all commercial applications.
> In general there are (IMHO) two free uses of mySQL: (1) distributing a fully
> GPL-compliant application, and (2) accessing a mySQL DB at an ISP via
> browser-based input (or the equivalent), so that the drivers and database
> are fully in the hands of the ISP and there's nothing for you to
> "distribute".
> I may be wrong, but this is my understanding of the licensing arrangements.

Hi Ken,

This is exactly how me also understand this.
Also I want add another points:

MySQL commercial license require that you pay


    i.e. If you develop something for school or game or accounting
    or ... Other app that you want sale by 1000 copies you need pay them
    1000 * $400 = $400,000

    Although most probably exists some special volume discounts
    which you can obtain if call them

    Actually this is NORMAL for db vendors that sale DBMS SERVERS.
    Look on MS SQL, Oracle, Sybase. You need pay for EACH server.


    mySQL want that $400 per server EACH YEAR of use.


    if you have develop 3 applications you need pay for each.
    actually this is masked for mySQL because of "per server" license

D) Note, that commercial license do not say that IF you use driver but store
db on some ISP host you get it for free. Commercial license says: IF your
non-GPL app uses driver - you must pay. Point.

P.S. (sorry for kind of advertise, which I consider as information):

Valentina have quite REVERSE nature of license for Valentina Embedded Server
that was designed specially for Application Developers.

Note, all Revolution, REALbasic, Director, VisualBASIC, Delphi, C#, C/C++
developers are who? Right. We all are Application developers. We all get as
result of our job some .EXE.

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