Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Fri Sep 29 11:03:02 EDT 2006

> all new Dreamhost MySQL connections are v5.0 or greater. They 
> dumped 4.x over a half year ago.
> >
> >* This is why you can note that even host providers do not switch to 
> >5.0 actively.

I share Stephen's enthusiasm for DreamHost. Several Rev users have gotten
RevCGIs to run there. Also, they have a large number of "one-click installs"
of popular web applications that are just wonderful. You can get an
unlimited number of domains per account for very little.

One caveat is that some web apps have security sensitive parts deactivated.
Its possible to compile and upload your own version of PHP (for example) and
get around this in some cases.

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Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
Runtime Revolution, Ltd

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