Quicktime question

Stgoldberg at aol.com Stgoldberg at aol.com
Fri Sep 29 11:03:10 EDT 2006

Lately I've been incorporating Quicktime mp4 movies into my Rev standalones.  
 When distributing the standalones to others, I've included the Quicktime 
Player installer, in case they do not have Quicktime (especially Windows users).  
 If they forget to install Quicktime, the movie instead appears as a blank 
space.   My question is as follows:
Is there some way, if the user forgets to install Quicktime, that I can have 
a message in the blank space indicating that the user should install 
Quicktime?   It would be sort similar to what developers do on a web page when a 
picture doesn't appear; instead there is text explaining what the subject of the 
picture is.   I tried putting a field over the Quicktime movie area with text in 
it.   However, the blank Quicktime box remains layered over the text.   Any 
suggestions?   Thanks.
Steve Goldberg

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