Rev built-in db access

ron rbarber at
Fri Sep 29 10:23:30 EDT 2006

I already use V4REV external in one application but recently thought I 
would try Rev's built in access for a new, simpler project. I want to 
access the Valentina db using just Rev's supplied commands but I can't 
even open a val db. I am using Rev enterprise 2.7.2 on OS X 10.3.9. The 
Val db is made for v2 of Valentina.

I have the simple:

on mouseup
   answer file "choose file"
   put it into fname   -------this looks like: 
/Users/ronbarber/Documents/Revolution Enterprise/2.7.2-gm-1/test.vdb
   put revOpenDatabase("Valentina","",fname,,,,"","",) into dbid
   put "select ref from book" into sqlword
   put revdatafromquery(,,dbid,sqlword) into thetext
end mouseup

I get the following for "dbid":

revdberr,invalid database type

Do I have to init Val or set the externals or is there a problem with 
the file name or...?


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