A bug in the revSpeechVoices function?

Dom mcdomi at free.fr
Fri Sep 29 10:23:07 EDT 2006

It is in the subject ;-)
I run DreamCard 2.6.1 build 152 (sorry!)

I wonder if this bug is known - and if it is solved in the newer
Revoltion versions...

the help says:

put revSpeechVoices("neuter") into button "Voices Menu"

See also: revSetSpeechVoice command, revSpeak command 

Use the revSpeechVoices function to find out what voices can be used to
speak text on the current system.

The voiceGender is one of "male", "female", or "neuter". If you don't
specify a voiceGender, all voices are returned.

in fact, revSpeechVoices() only gives all the voices (OK)
revSpeechVoices("female") gives only the female voices (OK)...
but revSpeechVoices("male") et revSpeechVoices("neuter") give also the
female voices!!

it is to make a small english pronunciation stak for my son
(a very difficult subject for the french people ;-))

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