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Hi Luis,
Hi Richard,

>> I didn't think it needed an External. Looking at revOpenDatabase it
>> looks like the support is 'native' (I think that's what I also saw in
>> the features of Rev Studio on the RunRev site).
> The Rev engine has no direct built-in support for database connectivity.
>   That functionality is provided through libraries/externals.
> Regardless of the extensibility mechanism at play, Valentina itself is a
> commercial product and requires a licensing fee.  As long as Ruslan
> cited SQLite's cost it would be helpful to know Valentina's as well.

1) Valentina price is not secret :-)
    just visit our site:

2) I have mention price of SQLLite external only because somebody have point
SQL Lite is free. Engine yes. Connectivity not.

Even if SQL Lite connectivity will be free, this not change things.
Who need work with middle and big dbs usually come to Valentina.

3) Valentina for Revolution have 2 parts

    a) dbvalentina2   -- this is REVDB support.

    b) V4REV.bundle   -- this is external with much more
                            rich native Valentina API

You can use in your app BOTH this ways in fact,
And in 2.4.2 we have provide brige between then in both sides.

I.e. You can create db using REVDB, later get its dbRef and use it with all
other Valentina methods when you want advanced features.

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