Revolution, MySQL vs FileMaker - Part II

Luis luis at
Wed Sep 27 06:01:21 EDT 2006


Thanks for the info.

I have been looking at the site, off and on, and it looks like I might 
be investing in it, although I need to get over the initial learning 
Revolution hurdle...



Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:
> On 9/27/06 11:23 AM, "Luis" <luis at> wrote:
> Hi Luis,
>> Any ideas what the storage capacity is for Valentina? I did a little
>> research on FM Pro, apparently it can handle a few Terabytes (although I
>> only managed to test it with a 3GB database, performance not being too bad).
> Well, technically limits is Terrabytes. But of course we have not test it on
> such db. We do not have so big HDD :-)
> I remember was guys that have use Valentina with db in 4-6 Gb.
> If you want get opinion of Valentina users about its performance check this
> page please:
> I am not joking when saying that Valentina beat fileMaker in 100-1000 times,
> as well as 4D. More mature dbs as MS SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL we can beat
> in 10-30-300 times.
> All depend on db structure, amount of records, kind of query you try to do.
> Not so far was Korea guys that use Valentina on few GB db, they are long
> time Oracle developers. So they was impressed by join on 2 tables that
> Oracle do 3 minutes, Valentina 3 seconds.
>> I've been curious about Valentina, especially the fact that you can both
>> embed and remote the database (same with FM but the licencing
>> limitations then come in).
> Right. 
> We have made a lots of efforts to support this.
> Valentina 2 was re-written from scratch on this reason also.
>> Valentina seems to be more open to external app access too.

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