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Kay C Lan lan.kc.macmail at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 23:14:12 EDT 2006

I was going to reply to Andre and Pierre earlier but I think the subsequent
posts should make them feel very lucky indeed, although I had to laugh at
Pierre's reference to 'so long as I don't...'

Which brings me to Tereza's comments about 'knowing when it's going to

On 9/26/06, Trevor DeVore <lists at mangomultimedia.com> wrote:
> I'm still investigating what is going on and trying to reproduce this
> in a simple example stack but haven't been able to yet.

For me it's most likely when I have two or more stacks open and I'm copying
and pasting code/text from one to the other. The 'other' stack though
doesn't necessarily have to be 'under development' but can be revDoc or one
of the many handy utilities floating around this list. Which of course means
making a single example stack may never be possible:-(

When scripting, I can usually 'reset' by changing the tool mode, from browse
to select or vica versa, which logically has no effect for script editing
yet 99% of the time I get the shortcut keys back.

....Ah, and a great big light bulb just illuminated over my head, for a work

For a very very long time I've been wanting to feed pdf files into my rev
stack. These files are mono-spaced ASCII text (capitals only) which for
reasons I can't fathom, my company saves as pdf. So I have been labouriously
manually opening the files, selecting the text and pasting it into a field
in my stack - slooooow. I have looked at conversion options, but they are
either free and error prone, or expensive so I'm not interested. Anyway,
somewhere in the glitz of the move to OSX I completely missed the fact that
TextEdit can open pdf files. Brilliant, my prayers answered.

I wrote an Automator work flow, which is called from my rev script, which
opens the pdf file in TextEdit, selects it's entire contents, places it in
the clipboard and then subsequently looses it. If I go to any other
application and cmd-v the text is pasted, if I'm in Rev and I use the mouse
to paste, the text is pasted, but in Rev using cmd-v or my script and 'the
clipboardText' - nothing:-(

But maybe if in my script I change the tool mode prior to accessing 'the
clipboardText' I might reset the 'anomaly' and get the data back....

Go to go

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