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Tue Sep 26 16:41:53 EDT 2006

On Sep 26, 2006, at 1:34 PM, Chris Sheffield wrote:

> I'm just now really diving into using Rev 2.7.4, and I must say I  
> like it! However, I'm having a problem loading externals. Where  
> should I put my externals so that when I use "set the externals of  
> this stack to...", it'll load the externals correctly when I open  
> my stack in Rev? I've tried placing them in /Documents/My  
> Revolution Enterprise/Externals, but that doesn't seem to be  
> working. Is this not the correct location? The externalFunctions  
> property returns empty.
> These are the Valentina externals, btw (VXCMD_Macho_MC). Using Rev  
> 2.7.4 and Mac OS X 10.4.7


If you are setting externals manually then it doesn't matter where  
you put them.  You just have to make sure your path is correct.  The  
path will be relative to the engine, not the alias to the engine that  
Rev creates.

What I like to use in Dev mode is the 3rd party folder which is  
located in your documents folder

On mac that would be ~/Documents/My Revolution Enterprise/Externals  
(or Media/Studio)

Any externals in this folder are loaded automatically at startup.   
You can check that they are available by looking at the  
externalPackages of stack "home".

One thing to note with Valentina 1.x and 2.7 - you can only use it  
with the PPC engine or a UB engine that is forced to run under  
Rosetta (plist setting).

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