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Mark Smith mark at maseurope.net
Tue Sep 26 12:19:44 EDT 2006

I don't think I've seen this outside of the Rev IDE, but there, the  
one that breaks for me is cmd-S - until I choose the save option from  
the menu, and then cmd-S starts working again. I haven't bugzilla'd  
it, as I really can't recreate it at will, but it happens in most  
sessions. :(


On 26 Sep 2006, at 17:12, Dan Shafer wrote:

> I think -- but I'm not 100% certain -- that the command key problem  
> is not
> unique to Rev. That or my system is really hosed. I see cmd-C and  
> cmd-V
> problems in Mail, Safari and Firefox from time to time. Restarting  
> my system
> always fixes the problem.

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