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Pierre Sahores psahores at free.fr
Mon Sep 25 11:53:59 EDT 2006

Le 25 sept. 06 à 01:37, Chipp Walters a écrit :

> I respectfully disagree with your respectful disagreement.
> Here's my 2 cents, for whatever it's worth.
> In order for Rev to succeed, it needs to have a decent out of the box
> user experience. Look what happened to MetaCard which never had one.
> Besides, asking that a script editor be at least as good as a previous
> version (2.7 is way slower and IMO 'unfriendlier' than the 2.6
> version) shouldn't be such a problem.

Some years ago, i had to do with uml and java development to get a  
distribued apps software engineer master and the onest intersting  
think i learned from the java courses was that it would be more  
difficult to use this dev environment without the help of different  
powerfull ide frameworks, tools and plugin (Eclipse, TomCat,  
Hibernate, etc...).

Rev probably get usefull help from thirst parties add-ons : Yours,  
Eric's ones, Jerry's and Trevor's ones, Arcade engine's ones,  
Printing Report's ones...

This discussion could have to do too with the differences we can see  
in betwin Linux (monolithic engine architecture) and xBSD  
(microkernel + dynamic modules load/unload).

In any case, i always prefer to be able to do my choice in betwin  
different options. It does'nt main that i'm or i'm not right. It just  
main that i prefer to be able to get the best from the Rev world,  
even if some tools are'nt coming out from Edimburg...

What would have been Hypercard, in its time, without the Frédéric  
Rinaldi's Cross Commands/Functions collection... ;-)
> I'm pretty much staying off of 2.7 for that reason alone.


> And, because Galaxy can't be completely removed without restarting Rev
> (unlike Constellation and Jerry's previous products),  it is sometimes
> hard to figure out exactly where the problem lies...Galaxy or Rev. All
> I want to do is get work done, and it's enough for me to try and debug
> 1 IDE (Rev's) and not have to be concerned about another.

It's to avoid such pending questions that i'm always installing  
multiple Rev instances on my dev laptops (2.51, 2.61, 2.74, with and  
without Galaxy, etc...).
> Perhaps it's time for Galaxy to consider becoming like MetaCard, a
> complete seperate IDE for the Rev engine. Then Jerry and Trevor
> wouldn't have to worry about coding 'around' Rev's own IDE. They
> certainly would have more control over the interface-- and Galaxy's
> interface is a most beautiful thing, not to mention well-thought out
> and functional.
> -Chipp
> On 9/24/06, Mark Wieder <mwieder at ahsoftware.net> wrote:
>> I'd have to respectfully disagree with this. For my two cents' worth,
>> I'd rather have the team working on the engine: fixing bugs and  
>> adding
>> new features, etc. The IDE is something that third parties can work
>> on: making improvements and drop-in replacements for existing  
>> features
>> ala Galaxy, or by adding plugins.
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Pierre Sahores

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