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This is the (same) link I was given that is confusing...
It displays a price of $29.95 (not specifically stating
whether its and EBook or Printed). Below that "Order a Printed Copy"
but that's the same price $29.95. If that is the correct price for
the SmartEBook that's fine too. But I understood it was $5.

Investigating further, there is indeed a link at the top of the first
paragraph to theSmartEBook where I would expect to find a specific
EBook price, but again the price is shown at $29.95 or you can order
a printed copy at - $29.95.

Clicking the "SmartEBook" link there's more blurb here...
Specifics about what EBook means - but no opportunity to buy.

Would appreciate some clarity.

On 23 Sep 2006, at 20:14, Dan Shafer wrote:

> I'll have to go look at the pages again, but I could swear there were 
> links
> there to the store.
> Anyway, you can get to all of the downloadable Rev SmartEBooks here:
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