Revolution 2.7.4 Released

Bill Marriott wjm at
Fri Sep 22 18:09:46 EDT 2006

Heather Nagey wrote:

> To introduce this new trial period, we are having an amnesty for 
> purchasers of Revolution in the last 3 months, who didn't get the  update 
> pack at time of purchase. If you bought a new license after  22nd July 
> 2006, you will be able to unlock version 2.7.4 even if you  didn't buy an 
> update pack. Just use the code you received on purchase.

I am confused. I thought each new purchase of Rev came with a year of 
updates? Shouldn't someone who purchased Rev on 7/22/06 already be entitled 
to all updates until 7/22/07?

... Ok, I just went to the "Buy" page on

- Prices are listed only in pounds for me
- The one-year of updates do not appear to be included with new licenses now
- Rev Studio is now £199.00, which is US$378 -- *without* updates
- New purchase of Rev Studio WITH 1yr updates is now £199.00 + 33% =  £265 
- Early update pack is now £99 (US$188) per year
- Standard license renewal is now £133 (US$252.64) per year

Am I getting this right? It seems you've increased the prices of Rev Studio 
significantly from what it used to be (US$299 for new purchases w/ 1yr 
updates, US$150/yr for early updates, US$199/year for standard renewals). 

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