MIDI - more Rev resources

Luis luis at anachreon.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 06:40:56 EDT 2006


Thanks for all the help and pointers, but now I'm disappointed: It looks 
like Revolution DOES NOT DO MIDI.

I did a quick search on the RunRev site for MIDI, not many links, but I 
found these:



Both links state: 'MIDI music file creation and playing'.

Now, to me that says 'Yep, you can do all the MIDI stuff you need to 
do', not what I gather form this list, namely 'Nope, you're stuck with 
an external or have to connect to QT and still be limited by what you 
can do'.

I'm CC'ing this to the sales dept at RunRev, let's see what the 
interpretation is from there.



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