Good ways to overcomplicate your code and slow down development

Dar Scott dsc at
Mon Sep 18 18:05:27 EDT 2006

On Sep 18, 2006, at 2:03 PM, Josh Mellicker wrote:

> stop planning, jump in and start writing

The fast interactive design of Revolution allows lots of styles that  
get feedback quickly.  In my case, I'd rather "experiment" than  
"prototype".  I like lots of heads-up data that do not fit into a  
prototype, such as timing, intermediate results, what actually goes  
out the TCP connection and so on.

Some designs need a direction decision, too:

Consider a tree field.  Is my tree in the field or is my tree in  
properties and reflected in the field?  If the latter, is the tree a  
linked list or structured text?  Test and fix cannot morph from one  
approach to another very easily.

Consider an editor for data flow processing.  Are the cables that go  
between signal processing blocks in a signal processing interface the  
same as the processing blocks or are they edited some other way?

I suspect you can make these kind of decisions quickly and you jump  
in immediately.  It takes me longer.  I assume we both get there.


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