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Mon Sep 18 15:25:16 EDT 2006

On 9/18/06 1:39 PM, "Jim Carwardine" <JimCarwardine at>

> Hi Folks... I'm about to receive my new MacBook Pro and am wondering if
> anyone has used any of the Classic emulators like SheepShaver to run Rev
> standalones... 
> [OT] I also have a system I run my business with that is written in
> HyperCard that I haven't taken the time to convert to Rev (uses many XCMDs).
> Does anyone know if any of these Classic emulators will run HyperCard?  Jim

Yes and Yes...SheepShaver runs Classic Rev apps and HyperCard just fine. You
can't load an OS later than 9.0.4 though, so if there's something you need
in a later OS 9 built you're SOL...

But other than that it works well for me.

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