Invoke default mp3 player on Windows

Chris Sheffield cmsheffield at
Mon Sep 18 10:27:01 EDT 2006

I don't think it's even necessary to do this. As long as the user has  
a version of Windows Media Player installed on their system that  
supports mp3 playback, you should be just fine using a player object  
like you do on the Mac side. This is how my company's software works,  
and we have had no problems at all.

So I would recommend just using a player object like normal and then  
test the heck out of it. But I really think you'll be okay. Unless  
you need to support Windows 95 for some odd reason. Then you may run  
into problems. Not sure if there's a version of WMP for Win95 that  
supports mp3 playback or not.

Chris Sheffield
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On Sep 16, 2006, at 4:35 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> Let's say you want to create your own podcast reader for a specific  
> feed where
> the media is .mp3.
> OK, testing for a net connection, downloading and parsing the RSS  
> 2.0 feed
> getting the most recent episode, parsing the URL for the actual  
> media file
> that's all a cake walk...very simple...
> it's back to the problem of playing the media...
> on the Mac you just start playing it in a player and you are done.
> But, for windows, if you don't want to force the user to
> install QT, What options do we have?
> Download somesoundfile.mp3 file
> If platform is Windows
>   start playing someFooAudioFile.mp3 using the default mp3 player
> end if
> Does anyone have code for this?  We are  not looking for anything  
> more than
> the capacity to play .mp3 files in this scenario.
> Sivakatirswami
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