Streaming internet Media w QT and Rev Players-- Best Practice

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Sat Sep 16 05:25:02 EDT 2006

I thought it best to change  the  thread here
and keep this one "clean" of the OS debate, and
rather see if we can just focus on solutions for the immediate
issue at hand.

Context: (again) user has a stack with  a single player.
multiple  buttons  (Iater possibly a menu or some kind
of clickable  index option...) allow the user to choose
from the media library and a remote URL  is set
as the filename for the single player. We start the
media, streaming... User then has the option to stop
and switch to something else in the library.

Each button  (later  a single  handler  that
receives a parameter) looks  like this:

ON mouseUp

   IF gConnectedToNet is not empty THEN
      stop player "player1"
     set the filename of player "player1" to 
     set the label of this stack to "Tiruvannamalai Slide Show (silent)"
        statusMsg ("Slides only. There is no audio track for this video.")
     start player "player1"

END mouseUp

OK... Trevor's recommendation is to try

"set the playrate of player  "player1" to 1.
instead of "start  player "player1"

(Trevor "why?")

I also reviewed my beta tester's report where he says that
  it was clicking on a second button that caused the  app
to freeze on XP.  This involves forcing one streaming media to stop,
reset the same player to  another URL and  then begin streaming
a different movie or sound file to the same player.

But obviously QT--Windows  is having trouble  with this.
So perhaps we need a better, more "graceful"
implementation that Windows is happy with.

Are there other things  we need  to be thinking about?
1) delete previous URL for the stopped media from the Rev Cached URL's
2) Maybe have two players? if Player1 is running, stop it,
and assign the next selection to Player2, start it up, meanwhile
"clean up" player1 (set filename of player1 to "")  then on next selection.
Stop player2 and assign latest selection to Player1 and clean up Player2?

This way one is not trying to stop, reset filename, re-initialize the 
socket, start streaming
again... all in one player object...

I'll give that a try.

Any more bright ideas?


On Sep 15, 2006, at 3:55 PM, Sivakatirswami wrote:

 > But the simple "act" of setting a Revolution player to stream
 > a remote URL ""
 > seems to be an "iffy" proposition. I don't see how you can
 > fix code that is only two lines:
 > set the filename of player "player1" to \
 >     ""
 > start player "player1"


start player "player1"


set the playrate of player "player1" to 1

and see if that fixes the issue.

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