Article Bemoans Demise of Line Programming (BASIC)

Lynn Fredricks lfredricks at
Fri Sep 15 15:15:23 EDT 2006

> Lynn Fredricks wrote:
> > He laments the lack of availability of BASIC, but software 
> > preinstalled does not an education make, nor has it ever :-)
> By itself, no, but it does increase the odds of having 
> programming tools in the hands of people who might take a 
> shine to learning how to use them.
> Anecdotally, it seems that when Apple bundled HyperCard for 
> free a greater percentage of Mac folks taught themselves 
> programming than any period before or since.

That is true. But also the market has changed significantly in that time as
well - which David Brin does acknowledge to a point - where the "computer
user base" is now huge but it isnt driven by an enthusiast mentality. When
you first got HyperCard or a freebie BASIC (who will admit tapping in
irritating little programs on the TRS-80's at Radio Shack or on the old
Apple II's), you got it with a built in enthusiasts desire to make this
machine you spent $$$$$ on to do more and more.

Bundling with hardware is as good a strategy now as it ever was of course,
but it's a business now, all unto itself.

But Brin's article refers much to his own experience as a parent. He cant
find a good BASIC and laments the loss of BASIC in schools. There are things
parents can do about that if they really care (at least for their own).

> FWIW, I did a search in that SlashDot discussion and found no 
> mention of Revolution.  Did I miss a post?

I couldn't find it either.

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