Font effect query: Mac and Windows differences

Luis luis at
Mon Sep 11 10:29:25 EDT 2006


I've tried the previously suggested traversalOn and it's working ok, for 
now... :) I'll have to look at what I'm going to do with the editor a 
little further to see which option works best depending on user input (I 
don't know if I will have to set it globally or locally). I'm still 
trying to figure out what consequences the commands have.

I'm just starting out on Transcript..!

I expected the text to be highlighted because on the development 
environment (OS X) it worked during testing and deployment.

I guess, like you said, I missed out on detailing other information 
(such as whether the filed is locked or not) because I assumed that 
there were no other differences between the platforms when the 
application is deployed. My Transcript knowledge is very limited at the 
moment so the commands I am using are picked up for the behaviour I 
expect the app to have, and not approaching it from the bottom up.



Mark Schonewille wrote:
> Hi Lius,
> Perhap this helps, in a field script:
> on selectionChanged
>   set the textStyle of char 1 to -1 of me to plain
>   set the textStyle of the selection to bold
> end selectionChanged
> I am not sure whether this works for you, because you have give little 
> info. Is the field locked or not, is its traversalOn set to true, do you 
> have any other scripts affecting the selection, why do you expect and 
> text to be hilighted after a mouseUp, what about the listBehavior of the 
> field?
> Best,
> Mark
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> Op 11-sep-2006, om 13:13 heeft Luis het volgende geschreven:
>>> Luis wrote:
>>>> Hiya,
>>>> Newbie to the list and Revolution...
>>>> I started out by playing around with font formatting, wanting to 
>>>> make a mini text editor, but I've run into an odd problem. The 
>>>> following Transcript works on the Mac version of the app, but on the 
>>>> Windows version (compiled as a target) nothing happens:
>>>> on mouseUp
>>>>   set the textStyle of selectedText to bold
>>>> end mouseUp
>>>> So when I hilight the selected text on the Mac, it works, but in 
>>>> Windows it doesn't (it will not even let me hilight in the Windows 
>>>> version!).
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