Characters above ASCII 255

Phil Davis revdev at
Sun Sep 10 20:52:42 EDT 2006

Actually my response may have been premature. What I said earlier is true, but 
it may not give you the outcome you're looking for.

Here's another approach that might give you the desired outcome (or at least it 
will be a learning experience):
- copy the text from a word processor that displays the text correctly
- paste the text into the Rev field
- put the htmlText of the field into another field where you can look at it.

This way you can see the HTML entity codes, language settings etc. needed to 
make the text display correctly. If you want to modify the text display in the 
first field, you can tweak the html a bit and set the htmlText of the first 
field to the tweaked html.

Maybe some of this will be useful.


Phil Davis wrote:
> Hi Adrian,
> Take a look in the docs at the UseUnicode property. It enables 
> numToChar() to process values higher than 255.
> Phil Davis
> Adrian Williams wrote:
>> I'm having trouble accessing ASCII characters above 255
>> in a font that has 1200 characters. I've tried this...
>>   put numToChar(1378) into field "FontDisplay.txt"
>> but get two unwanted characters: a hollow square next to a character.
>> Should I be doing some kind of conversion or calling for a
>> Hexadecimal value or something else?
>> Adrian Williams
>> Surrey, UK

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