runrev player, stackrunner in windows xp home

rand valentine jrvalent at
Sun Sep 10 20:38:00 EDT 2006

 Hi. Are there any documented limitations of the Revolution Player or
StackRunner not running in certain versions of Windows? I have a student who
is running Windows XP Home on a Sony Vaio, and who tells me he cannot run my
stacks through either the player or stackrunner -- the problem involves
playing audiofiles (mp3's) that are saved in a separate folder, and opening
pdf's that are to be "launched" from within my stack. Should this work, or
is it an os-level problem? The stacks I've built work just fine with
StackRunner on my Mac laptop running latest Tiger, as well as my Dell
Inspiron 5100 laptop running windows xp pro sp 2.

rand valentine

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